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Guernsey Hash House Harriettes was started 40 years ago in May.  So many runs, so much fun, so many memories.

We are inviting all those who have hashed with us over the years to big reunion run on 6th May 2020.

More details later, but enter the date in your diaries!



Random Photos



1965 2nd May 2018 AGM Golden Lion
1966 9th May 2018 Botox & Jim Mixed Lib Day Lunch
1967 16th May Studley & Skelly
1968 23rd  May Scoop & PeePee
1969 30th May Cheeky One & Duracell
1970 6th June Up4it & Buncho (Birth Yr)
1971 13th June Botox (Birth Yr)& P.A
1972 20th June Legs

& Studley

1973 27th June Shrink
1974 4th July Animal (Birth Yr)
1975 11th July
1976 18th July Legs & PG
1977 25th July
1978 1st Aug JR (Birth of Youngest)
1979 8th Aug
1980 15th Aug SUMMER SPECIAL???
1981 22nd Aug Strap On & Duracell
1982 29th Aug
1983 5th Sept Studley & Lemming
1984 12th Sept
1985 19th Sept
1986 26th Sept
1987 3rd Oct
1988 10th Oct
1989 17th Oct No Problem &
1990 24th Oct Pee Pee (Birth Yr)
1991 31st Oct
1992 7th Nov
1993 14th Nov
1994 21st Nov
1995 28th Nov
1996 5th Dec XMAS DO ???
1997 12th Dec
1998 19th Dec
1999 26th Dec
2000 2nd Jan 2019  2000th RUN???? Or a diff date to Celebrate?
2001 9th Jan 2019 Anfi
2002 16th Jan Circuit
2003 23rd Jan Legs PG
2004 30th Jan
2005 6th Feb Sauce
2006 13 th Feb
2007 20th Feb
2008 27 th Feb
2009 6th Mar

13th  Mar

2011 20th Mar Emelda
2012 27th March Animal Fake it
2013 03rd Apr Duracell
2013 10th April
2014 17th Apr
2015 24th April
2016 01 st May AGM
2017 07th May
2018 15th May
2019 22nd May

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