AWARDS  May 2018   for  2018/2019

Hash Trash – Where’s Wooly

Harriettes Harriette – Climax

Boob of the year – Legover

Effort award –  Duracell and Cheeky one.

Trail BlazerScoop

Tart of the yearNo Problem

Pitstop of the year –  Pee Pee

Run of the yearANFI

Sport of the year –  VB

Cake – JR

AWARDS 2016/2017    (Committee AGM May 2017)

Run of the Year                              Where’s Woolly & Studley

Pit Stop of the Year                      Easy Rider

Boob of the Year                           Gobby

Trail Blazer                                       Little Minx

Hash Trash                                       Prince Albert

New Hash Trash                            Fake-It

Tart of the Year                              Studley

Mis-achievement award          Easy Rider

Sport of the Year                          Climax

Effort Award                                  Polly

Harriettes’ Harriette                Hang Loose

Wooden Cake                               Not awarded this year.

Drinking Club with a Running Problem